Tattoo Machine Info


Every machine I build is made by hand with love and attention to detail.  I also believe in full disclosure about my process.  In a climate where so many machine builders advertise things like "100% handmade" and "one off", I feel it's necessary to say that I definitely have some parts made in bulk to expedite the process.  All of these parts are things I CAN make and HAVE.  I only do this to speed up production and spend more time on the custom aspects.  It's just like needle building.  You don't have to make every needle you tattoo with, but knowing how to make them and understanding the process is essential. 

I tattoo with every machine I sell.  Please understand that I am also human.  Oversights happen and personal preference plays a huge role in our standards on how machines run.   If you feel that something isn't to your liking or could be better, let me know so I can make it right.  Call the shop at 316-266-4114 to make arrangements.  An unused machine is just a paperweight.  


As of now, I am not taking custom orders.  I will be building on a more regular basis and posting machines for sale right here in my web store.  Follow me on the hell-scape that is Instagram for updates.   


I guarantee everything I manufacture.  If you have a machine of mine that is in need repair or tuning, feel free to ship them to me at my place of business.  NO NOTICE NECESSARY!  Correspondence is not my strong suit and I find it to be unnecessary most of the time. Make sure you include a note with any pertinent details and your contact/return shipping information.  Thank you in advance for tolerating my neurosis.  


Hell Bomb Tattoo

1115 E. Douglas

Wichita, KS  67211

United States

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