I know it sounds fucking crazy, but I also do tattoos!  I don't just make the equipment!  Come get a tattoo and it'll be crazy fun.  I can tell you about all the amazing ideas I have for re-shooting some of America's cinematic classics. Candy and prizes might fall from the ceiling. There's no telling what kind of tomfoolery we'll get into.  By the time you leave, you'll have a bitchin' tattoo, a smile on your face, and a new outlook on life.  It's going to be a full experience. Boom!

We're open 12pm-8pm Tuesday - Friday and 10am to 6pm Saturdays.  If you're interested in getting tattooed, please contact the shop at the telephone number below or simply clicking the hyperlink which will magically transport you through your web browser to our very own internet website.  There you will find all the pertinent information necessary to enter a phase of your life that will be utterly transformative. You're pretty much a dang astronaut...  get in that rocket ship and punch it, stranger!!!


Physical address in real life, or IRL if you speak internet.  It is as follows:  Hell Bomb Tattoo  1115 E. Douglas,  Wichita, KS  67211  United States

Terrestrial Land Line Telephone # is: (316)-266-4114

( I also have a blog. That's right, a blog.  Check it out - turnermade.blogspot.com )