Not only do I fabricate custom tattoo equipment, I also tattoo fellow humans as well!  I know it sounds bonkers, but it's true.  You can permanently deface your temple while I regale you with the amazing ideas I have for movie plots, pointless inventions and longwinded & nonsensical lists of things I don't care for. Candy and prizes might even  fall from the ceiling!  There's no telling what kind of trouble we'll get into.  By the time you leave, you'll have a sore body part, a smile on your face, and a new outlook on life.  It's going to be a full experience. Boom!

We're open 12pm-8pm Tuesday - Friday and 10am to 6pm Saturdays.  If you're interested in getting tattooed, please contact the shop at the telephone number below or simply click the hyperlink below which will magically guide you to our tattoo shop's website!  There you will find all the pertinent information to guide you towards a phase of your life that will be undoubtedly transformative. With any luck, this whole tattoo thing will wain in popularity and tattoos might become cool again.  You never know.

Physical address of our non-digital, brick and mortar parlor can be found at:

Hell Bomb Tattoo  1115 E. Douglas,  Wichita, KS  67211  United States

Terrestrial Land Line # (316)-266-4114